So I thought I’d start another blog. I’m not sure how this one will go. An tImeall will continue as before, but this is an experiment. I don’t know if I will develop a relationship with this blog – it feels strange here! 🙂 After two years it’s easy to write on An tImeall, knowing who will read my posts. Here it’s different. Feels funny (peculiar but also ha-ha).
I’ll post here in Irish and in English. I may put posts here that point back to An tImeall. Bainfead triail as!

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6 Comments on “Fáilte”

  1. Cionaodh Says:

    Ádh mór ort leis an blag nua. WordPress, eh? Let us know how it differs from Blogger.

  2. Subscribed Conn. Unfortunately there was no point in me subscribing to An tImeall because I just couldn’t understand it. Looking forward to reading your thoughts as bearla 🙂

  3. Proinsias Says:

    Comhgháirdeachas! A Choinn,

    Tá súil agam go mbeidh rath ar an bhlag nua seo agat, fé mar atá ar an tImeall. In ainneóin na rudaí a duaras ar an tImeall, beidh mé ag léamh do mhíreanna anseo freisin.

    Looking forward to many excellent posts on this blog also.

    Best of luck!


  4. donal Says:

    Failte chuig WordPress! Beidh mé ag coimeád súil ar an mblog seo chomh maith anois.

  5. ebby Says:

    is aoibheann liom WordPress, tá sé an easca agus bhfad níos fearr ná Blogger í mo thuairim..

    ádh mór leis an mblog seo… beidh mise ag leamh an bhlog eile freisín..

  6. Go raibh maith agaibh go léir! Very ImPressed with WordPress, so far!

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