What a Weekend!

Irish blogs are still buzzing with the impact of Saturday’s Irish Blog Awards.  Relationships which were formed in text have been given impetus by the physical encounter, and it seems like everyone is discussing new ideas and exciting collaborations.

The awards were the highlight of a busy weekend for me which included the podcastingireland.com launch, Fine Gael’s meeting on the future of Irish, the bloggers and podcasters tech meetup, and a visit to Raidió na Life.

I’m going to let it all settle in my head a bit more before I try to blog about it here.  I poured everything into podcast #99 on An tImeall this morning – and it’s a record 47 minutes!  (Sorry Cionaodh, and anyone else on dialup! I plan to get back to the shorter daily shows when things return to some kind of normal next week.)

In Imeall #98, I talked about Flickr and the effect that occurs when many people at the same event label their pictures and posts with the same tag.  Last weekend was a perfect example, and the pictures tagged irishblogawards are each worth at least 1000 words!

It was great to meet so many Irish bloggers in the flesh.  But there were many more I had hoped to meet and couldn’t get a chance to talk to.  We must do this again soon!

And yes – I’ve got something new for the sideboard after the weekend!  🙂  (Thanks Maca for sponsoring to the Irish language award.)

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