Gmail Targets Advertising based on “Unsupported Language”

Google won’t let An tImeall join their Adsense program because it’s in an “unsupported language“.  However Gmail obviously has no problem figuring out that the person reading this mail might might be interested in Irish lessons, (or a Scottish lairdship!)

Gmail ads target Irish Language

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2 Comments on “Gmail Targets Advertising based on “Unsupported Language””

  1. Rhys Says:

    You probably wouldn’t make a fortune from adverts in Irish (or adverts in English on an Irish blog) any more than in Welsh I guess, but with targeted ads I’m sure it could generate some income. I’ve not researched it thoroughly, but AdSense doesn’t seem that flexible.

    Have you though about creating your own ads? Just for fun I made my own ads for small businesses I like using tables on Blogger, see:
    I’ts quite easy, I can send you the code.

    Also, Nic Dafis ( has created his own rotating ‘bloggerads’ for an on-line forum ( where Welsh companies pay (well some do I hope) for ads.

    This is probably the best solution for minority languages in the short term, Google will take ages to get round to it.

  2. Michele Says:

    You could easily setup text or graphics ads using phpads 🙂

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