Mise Éire

Mise ÉireIt's been described as one of the most important Irish musical works of the 20th century. Seán Ó Riada's score for the 1959 film Mise Éire, which used actual footage from 1916 to tell the story of the Easter Rising, is, for many people, the musical expression of "the nation".

Today for the first time, it's publishers, Gael Linn, have released the entire 40 minute soundtrack.  (Previous releases featured just 15 minutes.)  The CD is available from Gael Linn's online music store, and other outlets.

Podcast #119, today on An tImeall, is proud to present the music of Mise Éire.  Would you like to win a copy?  Thanks to Gael Linn, I've got 5 to give away.  On which day of the week did the 1916 Rising begin?  Answers via email to: imeall@gmail.com – before 23 April 30 April.

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