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Flirt FMAn tImeall, the daily podcast in the Irish language, today becomes the first independent Irish podcast to cross-over to traditional radio, as it begins a syndicated run on Galway city's college community station, Flirt FM.  The 15 minute show will air each weekday at 5:30pm

Podcasting is the term used to describe the distribution of sound and video files on the internet for use on portable digital players.  Podcasts are subscribable, meaning that users can configure "podcatching" software such as Apple's iTunes to watch for updates to selected podcasts and download them automatically to the users PC or mobile media device.

Podcasts are growing in popularity because they offer the audience greater choice of programming as well as increased convenience in terms of how, when and where they choose to listen or view.  Podcasting also lowers the barrier to entry for content producers, allowing anyone to distribute their programming to a worldwide audience independently of tranmission networks and programme schedules.

Recent months have seen a flurry of activity among traditional broadcasters eager to join the podcasting parade, and many popular Irish radio programmes are now also available as podcasts.  Until now however, no independent podcast had made the transition to the airwaves in Ireland.

An tImeall is published at imeall.blogspot.com.  It was the first podcast in the Irish language, and one of the first in Ireland.  It's mission is to serve the worldwide community of Irish speakers and to encourage the development of online networks to promote the language.  Over 120 episodes have been produced since last July, and last month the site was honoured for it's use of Irish at the inaugural Irish Blog Awards.

Flirt FM is the community radio station for the student population of Galway city's two third level colleges.  It was established in 1995.  Flirt FM's new summer schedule starts today and further details can be found at flirtfm.org.

Further information:
Conn Ó Muíneacháin
+353 87 7408056

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2 Comments on “Edge Radio”

  1. Kay Says:

    Go hiontach ar fad a Choinn! Céim eile tógtha agat ar an mbóthar fada chun an Ghaeilge a thabhairt ar ais do na daoine atá á lorg. Maith thú.

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