I have taken too little care of this

My poor neglected English blog!  Dervala describes the strange experience of visiting your own abandoned blog.  As each day passes, it looks more and more and more like someone else’s – which of course it is.  That last entry stopped being yours when you clicked “publish”.  Like the shutter of a camera, the moment is captured, perfectly preserved while you move on.

I have moved on.  For the time being, I have stopped producing new podcasts in the An tImeall series.  After 125 episodes, there is more than enough to keep Flirt FM going with material previously unheard on radio.  I continue to podcast my weekly “Blogger” column for , and I’ve been following Dermod‘s lead in experimenting with voicemailstyle podcasts.

I’m working on developing a new radio series.  (Of course it will be a podcast as well!)  It will be in Irish, like An tImeall, and it will follow the same outline format of 15-minute daily episodes.  However, it will be primarily directed at a radio audience.  Flirt FM will broadcast it in the same timeslot in Galway, and other radio stations will have the opportunity to syndicate it also.  Sponsors welcome, contact imeall@gmail.com.

And we are moving house!  🙂 

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5 Comments on “I have taken too little care of this”

  1. Voice-mail style podcasts? Fill me in Conn, you know I can’t read Irish 😉

    Congratulations on the new radio show – onwards and upwards! 🙂

  2. Follow the links and click on the podcast icons – you'll hear what I mean! 😉

    One of the things that attracted me to podcasting was the prospect of being able to speak my thoughts instead of type them (I'm quite a slow typist). I thought this would allow be to "blog" more quickly. However, with An tImeall, I found myself applying broadcast standards, i.e.: preparation, fussing over the recording, editing, choosing music, writing shownotes, etc. etc. … and the result is much more time-consuming than blogging.

    The "Glórphost" (voicemail) series is intended to be more like leaving a voicemail – except it's meant for many. The keywords are "quick and dirty". Leave a message, and hang up. Think Dave's Morning Coffee Notes – only shorter. "Hi, Conn here. I just wanted to tell you …"

    I've done two. I think the first one is about right. 2 minutes long, no notes, just a quick how-de-do. For the second one I wanted to talk about Creative Commons and I took 8 minutes. I think the right style may be somewhere in between.

    As podcasters we should remember that our listeners' time is precious too. Not only might a podcast not be worth the hour I spend producing it – it might not even justify 10 minutes for a listener to listen to it.

  3. Dermod Moore Says:

    Cool stuff – and best of luck with the move!

  4. Excellent idea Conn. Even though I couldn’t understand the dialogue I liked the immediacy of it – it sounded like you recorded in a car? Interestingly I think you’ve intersected the dichotomy between the ‘Curry view’ and the ‘Winer view of podcasting’.

    While I really enjoy the Daily Source Code I think Dave Winer’s thundercasts capture more of the ‘spirit of podcasting’, if I could put it that way.

    Keep up the experimentation and now that you’ve found a way to make podcasting much less time consuming, how about doing an English version too? 🙂

  5. Kay Says:

    What a nice surprise to find a new one, glad you are continuing to blog agus blag!

    Léigh mé ceann Dervala -an ghreannmhar ar fad atá sé. Go raibh maith agat as mé a chur ag gáire arís.

    Nach iontach an Béarla atá ag Dervala.

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