What’s on my MP3 Phone?

Listening to Podcasts on a Mobile PhoneTroy needs an iPod?  No he doesn’t.  I don’t!

Silly boy Troy!  What he needs is a smartphone, camera, media player – one device, carry it everywhere.

Click on the picture for a Flickr post describing my podcast listening kit, using my Nokia 6680 and a couple of attachments.

Yesterday, in my column for Lá, I listed the 15 podcasts currently playing on my phone. It’s not necessarily my top 15, or even any particular recommendation – just a random cross-section. 15 podcasts I downloaded from my subscriptions on Monday night – published sometime between Saturday 29th and Monday 31st July.

Well OK, I do recommend one, unreservedly.  PW Fenton’s Digital Flotsam is in a class of it’s own.  But the point I wanted to show is the sheer variety of subject, quality and style of podcasts.  That, and the fact that you can bring them anywhere.  These aren’t 15 podcasts you should have on your phone (or iPod – if you must 😉 ) – just 15 you could have!

Check out the list at An tImeall.  You don’t need to understand Irish.  (Ask Bernie!) URLs are linked to each podcast home page, along with a reference to the number and filesize of the episodes I listened to.

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