Irish Independent reports on the bustling Irish blogland

From today’s Irish Independent (subscription required, free).

Irish language activists are one of the interest groups flocking to the blogosphere. Having started his Irish blog, Imeall (, a little over two years ago, Conn O Muineachain has, without quite planning it, found himself taking the first steps to a full-blown media career. Some 1,000 readers visit O Muineachain’s blog each week, enough to persuade Irish language newspaper La to offer him a column.

Since then, his alternative career (he is an engineer by training) as an advocate for the Irish language has flourished. The launch several months ago of a podcast on his blog – podcasts are downloadable radio shows – has brought further exposure to O Muineachain. As a result, he is now contemplating a career in radio.

“From last April, the podcasts have been broadcast as a conventional radio show on college radio in Galway,” he says.

“And recently the Broadcasting Commission asked me to put together a series on social networking for transmission on independent radio stations. Suddenly, I’ve got a very busy media life – I’ll probably have to take someone on to help me with the new project.”

I ought to clarify that it was I who applied to the BCI and not they who approached me – but it has a nice ring to it all the same, doesn’t it? 🙂

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5 Comments on “Irish Independent reports on the bustling Irish blogland”

  1. Well done. It’s great to see more and more bloggers in the media each week.

  2. Oh I was just handed a copy of the Indo. I’m in it too looking like Uncle Fester. Treasa features too as does Suzy. Woo.

  3. It’s about a month since Ed Power interviewed me – so to be honest I’d forgotten about it until I got an email from someone about it this morning. Good article – presents a very clear picture of blogging.

  4. Barry Says:

    Congrats! I’m only getting the hang of this blogging thing but since moving to Switzerland have found myself longing for the homeland! Its good to see so many Irish blogs around.

  5. anne marie Says:

    well done,i wish i could get the hand of this feckin blog. its great to see irish lads blogging too.

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