Can you learn Irish by listening to my podcasts?

Proabably not!  But I’d love to know if it helps.

The subject has come up over at An Líonra Sóisialta:

This is very important to me.  One of the reasons I strive to promote blogging and podcasting in Irish is that I personally use these media to practice and improve my own Irish.  I am not a native speaker.

On the other hand, I am not a teacher either, and this is not a language course.  It is a grown-up podcast (or radio show – call it what you like!) about a particular subject which happens to be in Irish.

if you want to learn Irish, you might want to consider Oideas Gael, or perhaps an online course such as

However, I do believe that An Líonra Sóisialta may be of some value as an authentic source of material to learners, for the following reasons.

  • We’re going to keep it simple – and short.  Each episode of An Líonra Sóisialta will last no more than 12 minutes – and that includes 5 minutes of music.  That leaves just 7 minutes of speech, and that 7 minutes will be broken down further into segments ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.
  • We’re going to repeat ourselves ad nauseam.  While we are not trying to teach Irish, we are trying to teach people about online social networking.  That’s a big area – and a new idea for many people.  We’ll be taking it nice and slowly.
  • There’s more than one way to find out what’s going on.  Listen to the podcast.  Read the shownotes.  (On Fridays you’ll find a transcript for 5 minutes worth of the show – otherwise: bullet points.)  Follow the links to the web sources we reference – most of them will be in English.  Listen to the podcast again.
  • Feedback!  Let us know what you find easiest to understand or otherwise.  We don’t want to make this hard if we can help it.  Help us!  (I’ll be posting contact details in the right hand margin later today.)
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6 Comments on “Can you learn Irish by listening to my podcasts?”

  1. Kay Says:

    “Can you learn Irish by listening to my podcasts?

    Probably not! But I’d love to know if it helps.”

    Conn. I think that your podcasts are and will continue to be a great help to anyone who wants to learn Irish.

    It is very important to hear a language spoken before beginning to use it in writing. When you hear a spoken word and then see it in print it is much easier to learn and remember than just seeing a printed word online. To be able to talk back in Irish is a great advantage and it is lovely that people have an opportunity to do this on the Líonra sóisialta

    I know from the log files on my own website that there is a huge interest in learning Irish worldwide and I am very happy to include a link to the Líonra sóisialta on my home page

  2. Kay Says:

    sorry messed up my link, this should work.

  3. Go raibh maith agat Kay – I’ll get a link set up to you in the next few days!

  4. irishhermit Says:

    As a beginning student of Irish, this site is very important to me.
    * Even though I can understand only one word in a thousand, when I do understand it, it’s one more success to build on.
    * All languages were spoken before they were written, and I find that listening to the rhythm of the language is important.
    * Since this is a podcast, I can quickly download and put it on my mp3 player. Now, if I could only convince RnaG to podcast their news ….

    Go raibh maith agat,

  5. As a foreigner, I still have a strong interest to learn Irish. I’ve taken a beginner’s course at public library. I was recommended Buntus Cainte books that come with 3 CDs fulls of short mp3 lessons. Useful stuff but I feel the topics are quite traditional (na bigi dana a leanai type of thing).

    I need to read and build vocabulary to grasp spoken Irish as its pronunciation is quite difficult. I feel I’ve done so but I’m now stuck without day-to-day listening material. Nuacht & your new podcasts are useful but need to come with script that I can go back to make sure I understood and that I learn. I understand Irish from Ros na Run but I want to understand beyond that. Script need to be easily retrievable. You are definitely doing the right productions so far.

    Audio playback research was showcased by DIT researchers two weeks ago. Useful stuff to slow down spoken language. This might be useful to learn Irish.

    Thanks for the podcasts, Fred

  6. […] Conn wrote a piece in one of his other blogs in reply to the question Can you learn Irish by listening my podcasts? Maybe not learn, but it certainly is an excellent resources for students of the language such as my self to help our listening skills, and I’ve received the same kind of feedback from students regarding my doing the podcasts in Hawaiian. I ran into a Hawaiian language instructor from Kamehameha Schools who thanked me for doing them as well, and it was certainly encouraging to hear that he and others tuning in and using them in that way. […]

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