68% Listen on their Desktops

Guido Fawkes assertion that most people listen to podcasts on their desktop computers would appear to be supported by Uncle Seth’s Public Service Announcement song and video. We featured this last week as An Lionra Soisialta focused on podcasting.

I don’t know what is source of the statistic – although the band do mention Nielsen in another part of the song.

68% isn’t 90%, and it’s certainly not “all”. But it’s significant. And I would agree with Guido that if they’re going to be rooted to the spot in front the screen – they may as well have video. However, I think that the move to mobile devices is going to be inevitable – and video will come too!

The only video podcast I watch is the only one I can find which plays on my mobile device. Rocketboom offers a feed with the shows in 3gp format which I can play on my Nokia N91 phone.

In fact, the N91’s podcast client application is so good, and because the device supports wifi, I download many of the podcasts straight from my home broadband to the phone itself.

I don’t think audio podcasting is dead – but I think the PC might be.

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