Come to Blarney Camp!

I miss all the good meetups. Blogging the Election, BarCamp Ireland, IT@Cork. And it’s not just the tech ones either. Oireachtas na Gaeilge starts today in Derry. Cén mhaith dom é? Ní bheidh mé ann! 😦 I had planned to attend, but it’s just not possible.

I’m going to Blarney Camp though! 🙂 James Corbett is organising a virtual meetup in The Blarney Stone Bar, inside the “Dublin” simulation in the virtual world “Second Life”, tomorrow at 3pm GMT.

I’m curious about Second Life – and I’m curious to know what James and Donncha and others think about it.

Maybe it’s no more than a toy – but score one for Second Life when it comes to giving me a chance to “attend” a meeting. We’re just going to “sit” around the “bar” and have an IRC conversation – but that’s only a part of what’s possible.

The most interesting SL moment I’ve had so far was when I “walked” in to the Blarney Stone one night to find a disco in full swing and several avatars “dancing”. The avatars are just cartoon characters – but the people controlling them are real. So was the DJ and the music streaming to my PC. I had a short IM chat with the DJ and the next thing I heard was her voice on the live stream – as she welcomed me to the place!

Tomorrow, we’ll just “sit around the bar” and type messages to each other. But on another occasion we could all look at a “TV” in the corner and watch the real-life James give a presentation on OPML? Or we could hire a conference room from the owner of The Blarney Stone and watch slides presented by Simon McGarr‘s avatar (McGavatarr?) while listening to his voice discuss the legal issues for bloggers and podcasters. Physically, Simon would be in his office in Dublin, I would be in my home in West Clare – anybody, anywhere in the world, could participate.

I’d love to attend more real-world events, but I’ve got two jobs and two kids. Of course Second Life can’t replace the real thing – but let’s give credit for what it can do.

All are welcome! James has the details! (Second Life is free to download if you don’t already have it. Over 18’s only.) Say hi to Conn Edgeworth when you get there! 😉

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2 Comments on “Come to Blarney Camp!”

  1. I wish I could join you folks, but we’re eleven hours ahead (3-4PM Ireland is 4-5AM in Hawai‘i) I would actually get up that early to join you, but am stuck in dialup hell from home. Don’t feel like making the drive to the office that eary 😉

    If you ever schedule a gathering later in the evening let me know! I’m Keola Prospero if we ever cross paths

  2. […] Conn had a better experience than I did. Hearing your name from the DJ would be sort of cool. I’m already looking forward to teleporting to the Temple Bar tomorrow and finding the Blarney Stone Irish Bar. […]

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