Your Name Escapes Me – But I Never Forget an Avatar

An tÉan Corr
The Irish noun “aithne” means “acquaintance” or “recognition”.  It is sometimes prefixed with the qualifier “súil” (meaning “eye”).  “Súil-aithne” is “eye-acquaintance”, meaning that “I know the face – but we haven’t been introduced.”

The online community of Irish speakers has developed new qualifiers to succintly describe the new kinds of relationships which are found in electronic networks.  “Ríomh-aithne” is a general term which translates literally as “compute-acquaintance”, and is probably more specifically used to mean “email-acquaintance”.  “Blag-aithne” means you read the other persons blog, or he/she reads you, and you’ve probably commented and tracked back.

I’ve used “Skype-aithne” – and you can probably have “IM-aithne”, “IRC-aithne”, “Boards-aithne” etc. as well!

I have physically met with Eirepreneur author James Corbett as neither of us live very far from Limerick.  Then last week, chuir mé SecondLife-aithne air – the two of us met up for the inaugural “Blarney Camp” in the Blarney Stone Virtual Irish Pub in the “Dublin” sim in Second Life.

As it happened – we experienced some unusual technical problems, which we initially put down to bad timing on our part – the fact that the simulation appeared to have a lot of users at the time.

Slua Second Life
However, I experienced no such issues during a brief visit on Sunday morning.  I ran into SLDublin’s mayor, Ham Rambler who explained that the Second Life system itself was experiencing technical problems (Linden Labs Blog says they are external network issues.)

This morning, Second Life appears to severely curtailed.  I’ve tried to log in several times and I generally find that I cannot even move my avatar.

Notwithstanding these little glitches, Second Life is a featured topic this week on An Líonra Sóisialta – and we’ll also be talking about internet maps, especially Google Earth.   Today’s show is titled Úirlisí na Samhlaíochta (Tools for the Imagination!)

Follow the secondlife tag in my Flickr stream for more images and commentary from my Second Life adventures over the past few days.  I was particularly pleased to run into Ham Rambler on Sunday.  He was glad to hear about the interest from Irish bloggers and he’s even offered us a meeting room in “Trinity College” for our next Second Life get-together!
Sráid an Dáma?

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4 Comments on “Your Name Escapes Me – But I Never Forget an Avatar”

  1. Rhys Says:

    Maybe you can mention Tagzania if you’re discussing google maps? 😉

    It’s interesting to read about new Irish terms being used to describe on-line social networking. The only significant term in Welsh which, like the examples you mention do not have direct English equivalents is Rhithfro. Rhith is ‘Virtual’ and fro is a mutation of bro. Bro is a geographical area one associates him/her self with, which could range from a small valley up to a county, depending on the individual.

  2. Rhys, thanks for reminding me about Tagzania. I’ll mention it on Monday’s show.

  3. Ham Rambler Says:

    Hey Conn,
    I hope your experience in Virtual Stephens Green on Saturday for the Blog WAwards was better. We still have that classroom for you, whenever you want it.

  4. Hey Ham. Nice to “meet” you again on Saturday! Will be in touch soon about holding a talk in SLDublin.

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