Irish Podcasting Notes

There’s a lot worth noting about Irish podcasting this week.

  • Congratulations to Brian Greene, who received the inaugural Podcasting Award at the IIA’s Netvisionary awards last Thursday.  Brian may well have been Ireland’s first podcaster and he and Doop Design are working hard to promote podcasting as a communications channel for Irish business.  On a personal level, I and other Irish podcasters have benefitted enormously from his support, advice and encouragement over the past year.  Thanks Brian – and well done!
  • It’s a sign of what a small world podcasting still is that I can also say the same of the other two nominees who shared the shortlist with Brian last Thursday.  Bernie Goldbach has been the most extraordinary innovator in his work with the students of Tipperary Institute at podcasting.ieTom Raftery has built an international audience ( without leaving his stronghold in Cork.
  • I don’t know if Brian went to Pod Con UK at the weekend.  He had discussed it some weeks back.  Brendan Bolger went however, and sent me a text message over the weekend to say he had met Adam Curry and given him a CD of Irish podcasts!  Nice one Brendan.
  • Brendan’s an Irish language podcaster, like myself.  His Spudshow showcases Independent Irish female musicians.  We’ve kept up correspondence over the past year and we’ll meet for the first time this evening when I give a guest lecture for the Irish department at the University of Limerick.  The topic: “An Líonra Sóisialta: An Ghaeilge agus an tIdirlíon” (The Irish Language and The Internet).  It’s in the John Holland Theatre in UL at 19:30.
  • Letter to America Chapter 52 – the 1st anniverary was published last week.  I think you’ll agree that’s a bigger achievement than the average podcasting anniversary if you’ve heard the huge personal energy Jett Loe puts into each show.  If you haven’t heard LTA yet, check out
  • Finally, congrats to all involved with the Netvisionary Awards – and a special shout to John Breslin who scooped an award for the second year running!  This is a tiny little country all the same.  John and I were in college together, and last week he kindly gave me an interview for An Líonra Sóisialta about his Wiki Ireland project.  Comhgháirdeachas John!
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2 Comments on “Irish Podcasting Notes”

  1. Brian Greene Says:

    cheers Conn, I have to say its great to win but in the Pcast world its shitty, Bernie, Tom, You, Joe Conway are all far more deserving, it was a voting exercise and not an esteemed panel of judges, did I say I was the Judge for the podcast sections of the Digital Media Awards Feb ’07, in mentioning all ye there I didn’t mention the RTE chap who was in the nominees list, as I dont know him, but im sure he’s a fine caster,

    I was at PodCastConUk at the weekend, met Brendan & Michael Ryan and all the irish orientated to the bar later! both of them are mad! really nice guys.

    I came home to a major major server crash that took me out of action mon/tue and will have me mopping up wed/thur as well. 🙂 so no time to say (and I will blog it) that there is a huge amount of “love” among the Pcast community. Real people with huge passion for the thing, more on this later,

    A wonderful show, Bernie I have the audio (everything) , just no time to sample it yet…. all yours to share-a-like in good time… hard weekend, followed by 4 hrs sleep since monday… zzz bfn bhg

  2. BHG deserved the win from a shortlist that was a brutal exercise.

    At the end of the day, I would trade every vote for a subscription to our podcasting feed. We all need more listeners.

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