The Podcasting Politician

Senator Joe O'TooleThere’s been a share of discussion about the desirability of encouraging our public representatives to blog. It seems like an ideal application of the medium, allowing politicians to go “on the record” on a range of issues, have more say in how they are represented in online conversations, and engage in a meaningful way with the electorate.

However, one Oireachtas member in particular has evaluated the options available and decided against blogging – in favour of podcasting.

Independent Senator Joe O’Toole is the special guest today on An Líonra Sóisialta. Speaking in Irish, Senator O’Toole describes how he goes about producing his weekly podcast, My Week This Week, which has been running for almost a year. And it’s all his own work too! The Senator uses his Apple Mac to write the script, record and edit, encode to MP3, and upload to the internet the 5 minute monologue which takes the form of a letter from Leinster House.

“This is the first time in a quarter-century that a technogy has come to us which allows a person’s personality to be put forward”, says Senator O’Toole, explaining that he prefers podcasting to blogging because he feels that the spoken word conveys more authenticity than the written word can.

Senator O’Toole is elected by graduates of the National University of Ireland and he sees the podcast as one way to communicate with his constituency which is spread all over the world. It has also found an audience on a number of radio stations in Ireland who broadcast the weekly bulletins giving an insider’s view of Leinster House.

You can subscribe to My Week This Week at

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