Edgecast Media partners with QBC for Customer Experience podcast

On the phone, the client sounds excited: “I only got about 30% of the conversation when I took part in it.  Now I’m hearing the rest of it!”

She is reacting after hearing her own voice and those of her colleagues on their first podcast, recorded on a conference call yesterday, and published this morning on an internal company blog.

It’s an exciting step for them – and I’m excited too, to see another application of podcasting in action.

I’m especially excited to finally get the opportunity to work with Michael Byrne of QBC.  Michael and I have been talking about podcasting for well over a year now, and his business insights have changed the way I think.  In particular, he has strong ideas about podcasting as a tool in coaching and personal development.

Michael’s started a proto-blog at his own website, and I’m going to help him set up a more full-featured version with permalinks and comments.  In the meantime I’ll be inviting him to guest-blog here, on the subject of podcasting and the Customer Experience.
I have a special focus on Podcasting for Business this month.  On 27th February, I’ll be speaking at a seminar organised by it@cork on the subject, along with Brian Greene and Tom Raftery.  I’d love to hear your thoughts about it.  Leave a comment or send me a mail.  Thanks!

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3 Comments on “Edgecast Media partners with QBC for Customer Experience podcast”

  1. Hi conn congratulations on the recent Digital award,
    I don’t have any experience of podcasting in the business sense but found these new tools this week, not sure If you are aware of them
    1.Profcast for recording and publishing live presentation http://www.profcast.com/public/index.php
    2.Yodio which is similar only you publish via your phone http://beta.yodio.com/Default.aspx

    Both look like they could be good tools that could be easily translated in the business setting,

    Speak to you soon

    Ps hope you can podcast the talk

  2. Thanks Stephen – I’ll check them out!

  3. […] Byrne on The Customer Experience I mentioned previously that I would ask Michael Byrne of QBC Ltd to provide more details, in a guest post on this site, […]

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