Imeall #173 suffers from a little overmodulation.  I was trying out a new setup.  If you’re here for the podcasting tips, it’s an example of what not to do.  (See here for my Barcamp talk on audio quality.)

It’s listenable though and, as usual, it includes this week’s Lá Nua column.  This week I’m talking about blogger meetups, Barcamps, Geek Dinners and the Irish Blog Awards.  It seems as if these have gathered pace in the past few months.  Right now we are spoiled for choice.

BarCamp From AboveSince the column went to press, there’s been a BarCamp explosion, with plans being discussed for meetings in Cork, Dublin and Galway.  Bring it on, I say!   My only problem with Barcamp Waterford was that there were too many things and I couldn’t get to attend everything I wanted.  There is more than enough BarCamp fodder to sustain Dublin, Cork and Galway gatherings – and Limerick, Sligo and Athlone as well!

I like Damien’s idea of themed BarCamps.  That said, I have a new BarCamping strategy.  I’m going to concentrate more on meeting people rather than rushing off to attend the next session.  The only way this works for me is if I know that all the sessions are being podcast – so I can get them later.  All the sessions in Waterford were videoed, but I haven’t seen those published anywhere yet.  The only podcasts I’ve heard so far were the two that Bernie and I did, plus Donncha Ó Caoimh’s (which was fascinating!)  Does anybody know if the video is going to be published from BarCamp Waterford?

James Corbett and Damien Mulley

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3 Comments on “BarCamping”

  1. They did say they would publish them. I published my videos of Donncha’s talk over at Argolon.

  2. Keith Says:

    Hi Conn

    Finding money for your start-up linked from

    Bernie is helping us crunch through the rest of the material – we got raw files from the AV guys and with neither myself nor Tom Corcoran being particularly tech or experienced in video file formatting/reformatting it was taking us too long to produce output that was not great anyways.

    Sorry for delay – I know that this stuff looses relevance with the time delay.


  3. No worries Keith. I don’t think it loses that much relevance really. I have some audio from that day I still haven’t got around to publishing yet!

    Once again – great job organising it. It was a very enjoyable day.

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