“Keep It Up – It’s Working!”

In yesterday’s podcast I alluded to a podcast I had heard about IBM’s podcasting strategy about a year ago.  A quick search on podcasting.ie turned up Inside View #21 (MP3), which I downloaded and listened to on my way to work this morning.

Bernie Goldbach interviews Ben Edwards about IBM’s use of podcasting in their internal and external communications.  This quote stands out, from a listener to an internal weekly bulletin on supply-chain operations:

“You’ve inspired me to try this out for our group.  Keep it up – it’s working!”

Find out more about Podcasting For Business at IT@Cork next Tuesday at 5:30pm.

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4 Comments on ““Keep It Up – It’s Working!””

  1. I was trying to figure out why hits to the podcast with Ben Edwards spiked last week and saw it was traffic linking back to Edgecast PLUS a new spike from IBM’s Research Triangle in the US. I think you cite IBM in the Cork presentation and generate a transcript of the most compelling minutes that include Big Blue in the transcript.

    You have a big partner in the wings.

    I still don’t know whether I can get to Cork on Tuesday because we are running Schoolworks in Clonmel all week. But with a little tweaking, perhaps it’s possible.

  2. I wonder how IBM’s podcasting is going, one year on from your interview with Ben?

  3. They have throttled back the investor relations podcasts but the internal stuff is humming along on its own power.

    Lotus developers have several enthusiastic podcasting voices. I’ve heard several of them during Lotusphere.

  4. Thanks Bernie – Will we see you this evening?

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