Corporate Podcasting Summit Europe, Day 1 – A New Excitement

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In this podcast (15MB, 23:24) Michael Byrne and I discuss our experience of Day 1 of the European Corporate Podcasting Summit in London.

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4 Comments on “Corporate Podcasting Summit Europe, Day 1 – A New Excitement”

  1. Got around to listening last night – great podcast lads. What an age we live in when we can tune into the refreshing sound of two enthusiastic and informed individuals bringing an almost live report from a conference that interests us.

    Looking forward to the next installment. Oh,… and more tweets please! 😉

  2. Hey thanks for recording this, was really interesting conversation and another excellent podcast, really looking forward to hearing you roundup on day 2,

    All the best the lads

  3. Thanks lads!

    Sorry about the tweets. Net access (and battery life) were problematic, and I was unsure regarding the roaming cost of SMS messages so I kind of dropped out of the twitter community for a couple of days.

    Then we missed our flight home last night, and had to stay until this morning … it’s a long story – and it’s in part two – to be uploaded later today 😉

  4. annette Says:

    Really enjoyed the podcast Conn and was glad to hear you acknowledge that the technology is currently tricky even for those of us who are currently blogging! I’ll be tuning in for the next installment.

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