Digiculture #1: The Singing Entrepreneur

Open Coffee Limerick is proving to be the most extraordinarily meeting ground for people in Ireland’s Mid West. The idea is that people involved or interested in entrepreneurship and startups can get together informally to network, and as James has pointed out, there appears to be a lot of potential synergy among the regular participants.

Nyle WolfeLast Thursday’s meeting threw up an unexpected delight in the person of Nyle Wolfe. Nyle is a classically trained singer, going it alone with a solo album and a concert tour of Ireland. He’s identified his market niche and adapted a strategy to address it. He’s learning new skills and collaborating with talented people on a new venture. Sounds like an entrepreneur to me! 🙂

In this podcast (19MB, 20:42), you can hear Nyle in conversation with me, Bernie and others in the lobby of Limerick’s wifi-friendly meeting space: The Clarion Hotel. Hear a track from his album, Moodswings, and find out about the Moodswings Tour which concludes this month. (You can also hear part of this interview, and more of Nyle’s music in this podcast by Bernie.)

This podcast is also the start of a new series for me. While I plan to re-launch An tImeall in a few weeks time, and I’m busy producing podcasts for clients, I’d never actually gotten around to formally organising my own English language podcasts – until now. I’ll get a site and a feed up for these shortly but, for now, here’s Digiculture Episode #1, with thanks to my favourite band of the moment, Black Lab, for the podsafe signature tune (Remember – Sir Alex Kemp Mix).

Nyle Wolfe and Conn O Muineachain at Limerick Open Coffee (Picture by Bernie Goldbach)

Shout out to the other coffee-drinkers I met on Thursday: Patrick Liddy from Activation Energy, Shane McAllister from Magnetic Time, Bernie Goldbach from TippInst and Podcasting.ie, Wannita Phanchana from TouristR, and John Kennedy.

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5 Comments on “Digiculture #1: The Singing Entrepreneur”

  1. Even without the bounce from the Limerick cheerleaders, I think you’re dead right about the synergy in the Clarion’s lobby during Limerick OpenCoffee sessions. I was convinced there’s something special about Limerick and start-ups after hearing two entrepreneurs chatted up each other when one thought the other was there for the meet-up. He wasn’t but the conversation continued beyond a refilled coffee cup.

  2. […] six entrepreneurs from the Shannon Region for lively cross-talk about making web pages talk, podcasting, rebranding an opera career, clever management of energy and tourist-to-tourist marketing. We […]

  3. Wooohooo, Conn finally answers my pleas for an English language version of his technology podcasts. Terrific start Conn and what a great way of spreading the word on Limerick OpenCoffee. Thank you thank you and keep it up!

  4. Pádraig Schaler Says:

    Haigh, táim ag súil go mór leis an imeall arís!!

  5. Hi Conn

    Sounded like good fun in limerick,Enjoyed the podcast,and looking forward to hearing more from Digiculture,

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