launch new podcast ahead of annual conference

IrishBusinessWomen.comEdgecast Media is delighted to announce sponsorship of‘s 2nd annual conference which will be held on Friday next, 18th of May in Westport, County Mayo. is an online forum which does exactly what it says on the tin.  It’s full of women, doing business, and sharing their experience of that with each other.  Men are welcome too and, after lurking for a month, I posted my introduction there last night.

I am highly impressed with the quality of support and experience which is shared freely in this forum. As a newly-professed entrepreneur, I am fascinated by the stories of others who are walking the the same path.

Edgecast Media are the official podcasters for next week’s conference.  In addition to podcasting the main sessions on the day, we are also producing a number of pre-conference podcasts, the first of which is published today (15MB, 25:55, MP3).  It’s an interview with marketing consultant and IBW co-founder Finola Howard.  As I said on the forum:

One of the advantages of my business is being privileged to record people’s stories and bring them to a wider audience. That’s my role at this year’s IBW Conference. Events such as this can be hugely beneficial, but not everyone can always be at every conference. Sometimes you find out after the fact that a particular conference had something special of value to you. And sometimes, even if you were there in person, it can be worth hearing a particular presentation or discussion again.

Check out the podcast at or subscribe to the feed for future episodes:

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One Comment on “ launch new podcast ahead of annual conference”

  1. […] right, the serious bit. I’d have loved to have gone actually but at least I can listen to some podcasts. Look forward too to see some live blogging at it. blogging blogs feminism humour ireland […]

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