Podleaders in Pictures

News just in: Podleader’s Tom Raftery has just published his first video podcast.  Fellow Corkman Conor O’Neill is the honoured guest as he and Tom discuss Conor’s startup LouderVoice.Com.

I’ve blogged about LouderVoice.Com before (though not in English!)  Now it’s open to the public, though, so head on over.  Do you like to review things on your blog?  Conor will help you get heard!  [Note to self: must review something!]

Well done lads – both of you!  Ye’re gorgeous! 😉

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2 Comments on “Podleaders in Pictures”

  1. While Cork can take credit for everything he’s ever built, Conor is a Kilkenny man. 🙂

  2. Conor Says:

    *Cough*, my aunties would claim I’m a Meath man 🙂 I really have lived in too many places.

    I think Tom should get Max Factor de-shiner to sponsor it

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