Learnings from OpenCoffee Limerick

I wasn’t able to attend OpenCoffee Limerick yesterday morning, but I dropped in as the gathering broke up in time to catch the following useful insights:

  • Since the latest version of Google Reader, James Corbett no longer uses Feeddemon. I remain attracted to the idea of offline feed reading, but I must admit that one of the reasons I’ve fallen behind is that it’s often less attractive to open another application to read my feeds.
  • Plans are underway for the “Paddy’s Valley” blog-inspired Irish entrepreneurs tour of Silicon Valley in December.
  • It might be a good idea to hold Podcamp Ireland on the same weekend as the Podcast Expo in California. Discuss!
  • The social network of choice for many Tipperary Institute students is Flickr.
  • The informal coffee morning in Limerick’s Clarion Hotel has already spawned a joint venture development project between 3 of the companies involved.

Bernie Goldbach has a detailed report.

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2 Comments on “Learnings from OpenCoffee Limerick”

  1. I forgot to mention Conn that Google Reader recently got an offline feature whereby you can download the latest 2000 items from your feeds and read them in the GR interface as normal even while disconnected. Very nifty feature which makes it a complete replacement for FeedDemon IMHO.

  2. That would kind of kill it alright I think. I’m setting up Google reader as we speak …

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