Safety in Startups

Frank Fullard points out that working for a large organisation is no longer a guarantee of job security – if indeed it ever really was. By contrast, most new jobs are being created in small businesses.

Since I left my old job in April, that company’s parent announced a global headcount reduction target of 10%. As of yet, the management of the Irish operation has not stated how they will meet this target.

I’m not saying that I am more secure in my employment now than I was in my old job. But I am in control and, as Frank points out, I’m learning the skills of entrepreneurship. Three months on, the initial success of Edgecast Media has exceeded what I had hoped for, but if for some reason it were to fail I don’t think I’d be sending my CV to MegaCorp Inc. Now that I’ve begun to develop my own resources as a business person, why would I get back in the back seat? I’m not knocking the corporate job – but I must admit that I’m pleasantly surprised at the unexpected peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that my success and my security are in my own hands.

What do I mean by this exactly? Well it’s simple. No job is safe, whether in a large multinational or in a small startup. But the non-entrepreneur who loses his job is faced with the worrying question: “Who will give me another job?” The entrepreneur, on the other hand, simply says: “Let’s try something else …”

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4 Comments on “Safety in Startups”

  1. Nice Conn. It sounds good. But I am still a bit scared of going it alone.

  2. I’m not advocating jumping if you don’t have to Brendan! But in the unlikely event that you were forced to consider an alternative to your current job, I’m saying you could do worse than give your startup skills a chance to shine?

    I think one of the ideas in Frank’s post is that entrepreneurship is a state of mind. There’s no reason why an entrepreneurial attitude can’t be cultivated even while you continue to wok for someone else.

  3. Nice post Conn – Being “Master of your own destiny” is hard to place a value upon and critical to the success of Ireland inc. I think. We place to much emphasis on the success and the location large multinationals in Ireland, and as you can attest yourself, these guys are here for two reasons only – low tax and cheap labor – when either dries up they move onto new patures…

    It’s not for nothing that the US is the most Entrepreneurial country in the world – most of the population are immigrants (or descended from – the country is only 250 years old after all), who by their very nature, had the drive, and the passion to migrate to seek a better life…

  4. Conn you are so right. I think stability can only come with your mind set. We all feel scared but the thing is we have no alternative but to constantly change so if we accept it and make choices at each turn we will overcome!

    Onwards and upwards or forget the sink or swim mentality

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