Digiculture #3: Facebook and Fragmentation

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Bored with blogs? Tired of Twitter? Or fed-up with Facebook?

Actually – I’m quite happy with blogs – or with any kind of media that doesn’t require me to join. I have neglected profiles on both Myspace and Bebo. I’m intrigued by LinkedIn – and possibilities of professional networking, but I haven’t taken the time to expore those possibilities. And Twitter has won me over with it’s convenience and immediacy.

What’s significant about those services that I choose to use is that they each give me some kind of benefit in return for my participation. So when Facebook came my way I have only one question: What’s in it for me? And the person to ask is the most enthusiastic Facebooker in my immediate circle: Bernie Goldbach.

This podcast (MP3, 26MB, 28:17) features an interview recorded at OpenCoffee Limerick, with Bernie and Brendan Bolger. In addition to Facebook and the others, PeopleAggregator gets a mention, as do Jaiku, Pownce and Tumblr.

The conversation continues next day in a podcast by Bernie at podcasting.ie. And he has more to say on the subject this morning, in a submission to Six Pixels Of Separation. It’s informed by a wider discussion, involving people such as Robert Scoble (also) and Paul Walsh (also: getting dumped on Facebook!)

In other Edgecast Media podcasting news, Digiculture will be a weekly show from now on, and there’s also good news for fans of An tImeall: the award-winning Irish language podcast returns tomorrow.

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One Comment on “Digiculture #3: Facebook and Fragmentation”

  1. […] Conn and Bernie have also been debating this subject of late. Conn is not a fan of Facebook, but Bernie and I are. In fact this week we have been using Facebook to connect about the planning for the forthcoming PodCamp Ireland which we are planning for the end of September (more of that soon). […]

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