Last minute change to OpenCoffee Limerick Venue – AbsoluteHotel.Com


AbsoluteHotel.Com is near Barrington’s and the Abbey Bridge.

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5 Comments on “Last minute change to OpenCoffee Limerick Venue – AbsoluteHotel.Com”

  1. Thanks for posting that Conn, what a great demonstration of JIT social networking in action. Sorry for the late notice and I hope it didn’t put you off going?

  2. Put me off going? Did you not see me there? (and my crew of assistants! 🙂 )

    Great venue, by the way – and well worth the last minute change.

    It’s unfortunate that I haven’t been able to play much of a part in this event for the last couple of months – and despite that fact I’ve still derived huge benefit from turning up late and hanging around the fringe.

    Starting with the next meeting, I’ll be in position to engage more with the group. I have a couple of back-burner plans I’d like to move forward, and I think OpenCoffee is the perfect place to do just that.

  3. You were there?!?! Sorry Conn, completely missed you. I must admit I was totally wrapped up in great conversation and didn’t even get a chance to talk to half the people I wanted to.

    Delighted you enjoyed the venue, I think it got a big thumbs up from all. And we owe John K a few pints for pulling of the boardroom. Nice to that the free wifi is a direct connection and not requiring a visit to reception like at the Clarion now.

  4. In fairness James – I was so far out on the fringe of today’s event that I almost didn’t spot you! I was in and out a few times between 1 and 2pm.

  5. Dervala Says:

    It was such a delight to see you both there–and to meet your entourage, Conn.

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