OpenCoffee Limerick Live

Continuing my experiments in video! This morning I’m attending OpenCoffee at the Absolute Hotel in Limerick.

Update 5:00pm: Live streaming this morning’s event went very well!  And the Collison brothers are very impressive!  More about them in my next post, and in the meantime I’ve updated the embedded video above to show the archived recording of their presentation.

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3 Comments on “OpenCoffee Limerick Live”

  1. I’ve much more to say about this once I’ve gathered and processed my thoughts but I want to say right off – thanks for helping to make today’s OpenCoffee a truly remarkable experience Conn.

  2. James – I had a ball this morning! OpenCoffee Limerick never fails to stimulate! Well done on inviting the Collisons.

  3. […] runs alongside questions from those attending Limerick OpenCoffee, people listening to the live video on and others following Twitter texts and Jaiku IrishOpenCoffee channel items. The […]

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