New Look – New Horizons

Blogging has been light here in recent weeks – but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.

This afternoon I approved our new logo, which was designed by Peter Walsh of Doop. The brief they got from us included the idea of

…ripples on the surface of water emanating from a single point. This suggests the power of effective media …

I felt it was important to specifiy that the logo

… should not include any specific representation of technology or activity, i.e. no headphones or microphones or anything which might limit the perception of the company’s activities …

It’s going to be a busy week here at Edgecast Media – and we’re not done with announcements yet! 🙂

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6 Comments on “New Look – New Horizons”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    Nice one Conn.

    I like it.

    Clean, clear and simple!

  2. Good idea to specify that it not include anything which would limit the perception Conn, I’ve seen way too many Web 2.0 logos that fall into that trap, especially the ‘speech bubbles’ ones. Very nice, clean look.

  3. Very clean and classy, Conn. Good job!

  4. GreeneR Says:

    we tried to sell him this look ( ) but he was to wise for us.
    pink/grey swoosh rounded corner bubbles ending in ‘r’ are so last year.

  5. Hey! I wanted that look, but Peter said he’d used all the paint! 😉

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