Dave Winer is uncomfortable with cameras in his face. Robert Scoble responds thoughtfully (in a Kyte video). James Corbett is fascinated by the video experiments at Irish Open Coffees, and interested in discussing the privacy implications.

I’ve pledged to support camera-free zones:

We are going to continue to bring cameras to OpenCoffee and other events, primarily for the purpose of recording interviews with consenting parties for later publication on a soon-to-be-launched new tech-news videoblog. We want to use the events as a backdrop, as an opportunity to meet interesting people to interview, and we want to report on the events themselves. Note I say “report on” – not “interfere with”.

We will provide equipment and support for live streaming if people have something they want to broadcast. Or anyone who wants to can do it – as Eoghan did in Dublin. But no matter who does it, I think there ought to be a time and space where people can breathe freely, knowing that they are not part of a broadcast.

And at risk of stating the obvious, now that we’ve all tried it out, let’s not feel that we have to stream for streaming’s sake. There’s a perfectly adequate Twitter/Jaiku channel reaching out to interested parties outside the event. I’d suggest we don’t turn the cameras on unless we get a Tweet saying: “Give us a look!” 😉

And finally, I was thinking about how we can change things by observing them and, while I know Schrodinger’s Cat isn’t really about the Observer Effect, I thought it was an amusing coincidence today when I heard this LOLCat mentioned on TWiT.


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One Comment on “I CAN HAS PRIVACY?”

  1. Simon McGarr Says:

    The actuality of appearing on camera (and being broadcast) was one of the prompts for me to head away from my little appearance at Dublin’s OC.

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