Edgecast Media Website Launched

Today Edgecast Media Ltd launches its official company website: edgecast.ie. In the past that URL redirected to imeall.wordpress.com, a site which had started out as my personal blog.

It was obvious from the moment the company was formed that one site could not continue to be all things to everyone. However given the myriad tasks involved in starting a new business, it’s probably not surprising that it took a few months longer than we planned.

This post will appear this morning on 3 websites. The following information may be relevant to you, depending which site you are currently viewing:

  • edgecast.ie If you normally visit edgecast.ie, you’ll notice a change this morning. Previously edgecast.ie URLs redirected to imeall.wordpress.com. From today, edgecast.ie hosts its own website. This site will be the official company website, with information on products and services and company news. It already contains a selection of the business related posts which originally appeared on imeall.wordpress.com. You can subscribe to the feed at feeds.feedburner.com/edgecast.
  • digiculture.ie This is the new URL for my personal blog, as well as my Digiculture podcast. It is the successor to imeall.wordpress.com and contains the full archive of all the blog posts from that site. You can subscribe to the feed at feeds.feedburner.com/digiculture.
  • imeall.wordpress.com This is the last post which will appear on imeall.wordpress.com. If you are subscribed to imeall.wordpress.com/feed you will need to subscribe to one or both of the feeds listed above in order to receive further news from me or from Edgecast Media Ltd. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope this will improve the experience for everyone from now on.

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2 Comments on “Edgecast Media Website Launched”

  1. Tom Raftery Says:

    Congrats on the luanch Conn.

    Subscribed, subscribed and unsubscribed!

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