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Where to find Accounting Software for a Small Business

March 15, 2007

[UPDATE: In the original version of this post, I was incorrect in stating that SortMyBooks trial version has limited functionality.  Thanks to Aileen from Aisling Software for explaining it to me.]

I badly need a programme to do my books.  I assume there’s something  out there that will take my input regarding receipts, payments, purchases and sales and generate everything I need from invoices and statements to VAT returns?

SortMyBooks looks promising, and it’s designed for the Irish tax system.  It seems pricy at €390 including 1 year support, but it’s downloadable for free and it’s fully functional for a 30-day trial period before it has to be registered.  I’m currently evaluating it and I’ll report in a few weeks how I got on.

If it looks expensive at first, on closer inspection SortMyBooks is actually quite competitively priced.  It’s best known competitor, Sage Instant Accounts is advertised at €149, however, when support and delivery (on CD – no download available!) are taken into account it’s actually around €320.  And the trial version is little more than a “demo” – see comments below for further information.