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Santas Videos in Your Language

December 7, 2006

Not only does Santy defy the laws of physics every Christmas, but language differences pose no difficulty for him either as he corresponds with children all over the world.

This Christmas he’s joined forces with an Irish company to send video emails to Irish kids in three languages: English, Irish and Irish Sign Language.

I think it’s an enterprising use of video on the net – and of course the basic idea extends to other occasions besides just Christmas.

Check out

Disclosure: This company contacted me through a mutual friend. It’s a garage startup like myself and it doesn’t have a marketing budget. I’ve told them they should get a blog, and in the meantime I’m happy to help them spread the word. The site featured last week on An Líonra Sóisialta.

As a parent of Irish-speaking children I particularly like their multilingual approach, and I think a video of Santa signing is a lovely idea for hearing-impaired children.