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Emotional Intelligence in Application

June 17, 2007

Last Monday’s Irish Times caught my eye with the words “New Business Magazine” on the cover, and I bought my first copy in months.  Next morning, on a train trip to Dublin, I got around to reading it, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it felt a lot like reading some of my favourite Web 2.0 blogs.  The magazine is called Innovation and it’s heavy on technology, startups, research and, of course, innovation; and I’ll definitely be looking out for it in future.  (Wonder if I can get it with RSS?!)

One of the most interesting things from my point of view however was an interview with Emotional Intelligence evangelist Daniel Goleman, who recently conducted a seminar in Dublin.  Interesting, because I had just that morning completed pre-production on a new series of podcasts with my client Michael Byrne on that same subject: Emotional Intelligence.



Please State Your Complaint – I’m Sorry – Time’s Up!

April 25, 2007

Hugh Green comments that Eircom have come up with an inspired strategy for dealing with customer complaints. The online complaints form on their website has been modified to take no more than 400 characters of complaint. If you can’t say it in 2.5 text messages, then tough!

It would appear that this bears all the hallmarks of management at work.

Michael Byrne on The Customer Experience

February 22, 2007

Click here to download and play podcast MP3. 

I mentioned previously that I would ask Michael Byrne of QBC Ltd to provide more details, in a guest post on this site, about the podcast-enhanced Customer Experience training programme which we are collaborating to provide.

Of course, we soon realised that what we really needed to explain ourselves was a podcast!

Here it is: 36MB, 45:31, MP3.

  • Michael explains what he means by Customer Experience, and describes the services he provides to companies in order to better understand and serve their customers.
  • How he uses blogging and podcasting to improve the effectiveness of traditional training and coaching.
  • What happens when a company uses podcasting to capture and share experience throughout the organisation?
  • Michael describes the feedback from the first company to participate in this programme.  We’ve provided an extranet website which their mobile salesforce access using a username and password.  Three podcasts a week are published to the site, and the main points are summarised and discussed on the blog.  The podcasts are listened to on PCs, on mobile MP3 players, on mobile phones, while driving …
  • How “Cluetrain” is this?
  • The importance of Recognition in the workforce and the value of podcasting as a means to deliver Recognition.
  • This conversation is an ongoing one.  The next opportunity for discussion is at the “Podcasting For Your Business” seminar organised by IT@Cork next Tuesday.  I’ll be speaking there, together with Brian Greene of Doop Design.  Brian has also been involved in this project as Doop were engaged to build the extranet site.  Michael plans to attend the Cork event as well.

This was one of the most relaxed and enjoyable podcasts I’ve ever participated in.  I hope to extend the idea to a series of conversations with Michael on related ideas.  Watch this space!

On a personal note, after 18 months and more than 230 podcasts, this is my first in the English language!

There’s only one thing better than finding something you are passionate about, and that is: meeting someone with a passion that complements yours.