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Podcasting For Your Business. NSC, Mahon, Cork. Today at 5:30.

February 27, 2007

Podcasting For Your BusinessI’m hugely flattered that Tom enjoyed my podcast with Michael (more of those coming soon!)  At risk of sounding like a mutual appreciation society, my podcast-listening highlight of the weekend came from Tom’s stable: Eddie Hobbs keynote address to the IT@Cork conference in November.

Eddie specialises in telling people the uncomfortable truth about their finances – he can sniff out self-deception at 20 paces!  Part of his TV-appeal is the entertainment value we get from watching his clients squirm!

But there was very little scope for smugness or schadenfreude when Eddie directed his attention at the national and global economic situation.  There is no surprise in his warning  of our culture’s over-exposure to property investment – we all know there’s only one way that will end (we just don’t want to think about it!)  But his insights on the energy crisis – and it’s implications – were a revelation.

If you only hear one podcast this week …

The title of this post gives details of the seminar I’ll be addressing for IT@Cork this evening.  Brian Greene will be there also.  Tom Raftery will be in the chair.  Michael Byrne is coming.  Damien might make it, and possibly Bernie too.  If you want to see how the podcasting advantage works for business, come to the National Software Centre in Mahon, Cork at 5:30 pm.