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Safety in Startups

July 4, 2007

Frank Fullard points out that working for a large organisation is no longer a guarantee of job security – if indeed it ever really was. By contrast, most new jobs are being created in small businesses.

Since I left my old job in April, that company’s parent announced a global headcount reduction target of 10%. As of yet, the management of the Irish operation has not stated how they will meet this target.

I’m not saying that I am more secure in my employment now than I was in my old job. But I am in control and, as Frank points out, I’m learning the skills of entrepreneurship. Three months on, the initial success of Edgecast Media has exceeded what I had hoped for, but if for some reason it were to fail I don’t think I’d be sending my CV to MegaCorp Inc. Now that I’ve begun to develop my own resources as a business person, why would I get back in the back seat? I’m not knocking the corporate job – but I must admit that I’m pleasantly surprised at the unexpected peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that my success and my security are in my own hands.

What do I mean by this exactly? Well it’s simple. No job is safe, whether in a large multinational or in a small startup. But the non-entrepreneur who loses his job is faced with the worrying question: “Who will give me another job?” The entrepreneur, on the other hand, simply says: “Let’s try something else …”


Learnings from OpenCoffee Limerick

June 29, 2007

I wasn’t able to attend OpenCoffee Limerick yesterday morning, but I dropped in as the gathering broke up in time to catch the following useful insights:

  • Since the latest version of Google Reader, James Corbett no longer uses Feeddemon. I remain attracted to the idea of offline feed reading, but I must admit that one of the reasons I’ve fallen behind is that it’s often less attractive to open another application to read my feeds.
  • Plans are underway for the “Paddy’s Valley” blog-inspired Irish entrepreneurs tour of Silicon Valley in December.
  • It might be a good idea to hold Podcamp Ireland on the same weekend as the Podcast Expo in California. Discuss!
  • The social network of choice for many Tipperary Institute students is Flickr.
  • The informal coffee morning in Limerick’s Clarion Hotel has already spawned a joint venture development project between 3 of the companies involved.

Bernie Goldbach has a detailed report.