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Digiculture #3: Facebook and Fragmentation

July 16, 2007

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Bored with blogs? Tired of Twitter? Or fed-up with Facebook?

Actually – I’m quite happy with blogs – or with any kind of media that doesn’t require me to join. I have neglected profiles on both Myspace and Bebo. I’m intrigued by LinkedIn – and possibilities of professional networking, but I haven’t taken the time to expore those possibilities. And Twitter has won me over with it’s convenience and immediacy.

What’s significant about those services that I choose to use is that they each give me some kind of benefit in return for my participation. So when Facebook came my way I have only one question: What’s in it for me? And the person to ask is the most enthusiastic Facebooker in my immediate circle: Bernie Goldbach.

This podcast (MP3, 26MB, 28:17) features an interview recorded at OpenCoffee Limerick, with Bernie and Brendan Bolger. In addition to Facebook and the others, PeopleAggregator gets a mention, as do Jaiku, Pownce and Tumblr.

The conversation continues next day in a podcast by Bernie at And he has more to say on the subject this morning, in a submission to Six Pixels Of Separation. It’s informed by a wider discussion, involving people such as Robert Scoble (also) and Paul Walsh (also: getting dumped on Facebook!)

In other Edgecast Media podcasting news, Digiculture will be a weekly show from now on, and there’s also good news for fans of An tImeall: the award-winning Irish language podcast returns tomorrow.