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Digiculture #2: Media Moves

June 4, 2007

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Conn O Muineachain at IBW Conference

Digiculture Episode 2 (30MB, 32:01, MP3) is out, and on an iTunes near you!  It features an interview with David Dunn of Mediaforum in relation to the Media Moves conference (as mentioned here previously).  There are more eachtraí from the world of the wandering podcaster, including my 3-minute elevator pitch from the conference!  All I need now is a very slow elevator …


Media Moves for Social Change

May 30, 2007

Just getting back to work after a long weekend break with the family – more about that later!

Meanwhile, David from Mediaforum reminds me about the upcoming Media Moves conference in Galway on 8th June.  I had the pleasure of a brief meeting with David recently in Dublin and I was very impressed by the scope of his plans in relation to addressing media literacy issues.  I’m hoping to organise a chat with him for an upcoming Digiculture.

I still haven’t gotten around to setting up a site for Digiculture (or recording episode 2!) but here’s the feed.  It should also be available in iTunes later tonight.

Back to Media Moves.  It’s “a conference on understanding, shaping and creating media for social change“, and there are still some places available for pre-registration at  You’ll also find the agenda, including details of a workshop on DIY Media.