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August 22, 2007

Dave Winer is uncomfortable with cameras in his face. Robert Scoble responds thoughtfully (in a Kyte video). James Corbett is fascinated by the video experiments at Irish Open Coffees, and interested in discussing the privacy implications.

I’ve pledged to support camera-free zones:

We are going to continue to bring cameras to OpenCoffee and other events, primarily for the purpose of recording interviews with consenting parties for later publication on a soon-to-be-launched new tech-news videoblog. We want to use the events as a backdrop, as an opportunity to meet interesting people to interview, and we want to report on the events themselves. Note I say “report on” – not “interfere with”.

We will provide equipment and support for live streaming if people have something they want to broadcast. Or anyone who wants to can do it – as Eoghan did in Dublin. But no matter who does it, I think there ought to be a time and space where people can breathe freely, knowing that they are not part of a broadcast.

And at risk of stating the obvious, now that we’ve all tried it out, let’s not feel that we have to stream for streaming’s sake. There’s a perfectly adequate Twitter/Jaiku channel reaching out to interested parties outside the event. I’d suggest we don’t turn the cameras on unless we get a Tweet saying: “Give us a look!” 😉

And finally, I was thinking about how we can change things by observing them and, while I know Schrodinger’s Cat isn’t really about the Observer Effect, I thought it was an amusing coincidence today when I heard this LOLCat mentioned on TWiT.


I See Smart People

August 14, 2007

Camera 1 at Limerick OpenCoffee. Pic by Bernie Goldbach

I’ve been so busy I hadn’t time to blog about my experience of Limerick Open Coffee Club last Thursday. Much has been made of the excitement caused by our live broadcast. James describes the twitterstorm, and there is more about it by Bernie, Conor, Niall and many others.

Conor gets the credit for giving me the idea with a twitter-query about live updates from the Limerick meeting. Hat-tips also to Robert Scoble, Chris Pirillo and Leo Laporte – all of whom I’ve been watching play with this stuff over recent months.

But the real inspirations, in more ways than one, are Patrick and John Collison. If has taught me anything, it’s that not everything is worth broadcasting! Robert Scoble figured this out early on, and soon began to keep his live broadcasts for special events. And last Thursday’s OpenCoffee Limerick was undoubtedly special – and certainly worth sharing with others.

At it’s peak, we had 14 viewers on the stream – and at least 3 of those were in the room!!! But I’m very pleased that people who wanted to share the experience were able to do so – and even contribute, as Niall did with a question.

Now that it’s over I notice all the faults in the recording! If there had been more time to plan it I’d have got a tripod and a better microphone setup. I’ll get those things right the next time – and I’ve a feeling there will be a lot of next times, and not just by me either!

Video streaming is easy. All you need is a camera, a computer and a broadband connection. (The Flash on sites like Ustream.TV takes care of everything.) The difficult bit is having something worth broadcasting, but I think that the OpenCoffee clubs, BarCamps and PodCamps sweeping the country are actually providing that.

Serious talks at Opencoffee. Pic by TouristRepublicExplanatory Note: Open Coffee Clubs are informal gatherings of entrepreneurs, investors and people interested in startups which have spread worldwide since they began in London last spring. Limerick Open Coffee club meets every second Thursday (not this week, next week) from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. It recently moved to a new venue at the AbsoluteHotel.Com. Currently the best way to keep track of Irish Open Coffee meetings (including Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Belfast) is on the #irishopencoffee channel on Jaiku.

OpenCoffee Limerick Live

August 9, 2007

Continuing my experiments in video! This morning I’m attending OpenCoffee at the Absolute Hotel in Limerick.

Update 5:00pm: Live streaming this morning’s event went very well!  And the Collison brothers are very impressive!  More about them in my next post, and in the meantime I’ve updated the embedded video above to show the archived recording of their presentation.

Last minute change to OpenCoffee Limerick Venue – AbsoluteHotel.Com

July 26, 2007


AbsoluteHotel.Com is near Barrington’s and the Abbey Bridge.

Google Map

Learnings from OpenCoffee Limerick

June 29, 2007

I wasn’t able to attend OpenCoffee Limerick yesterday morning, but I dropped in as the gathering broke up in time to catch the following useful insights:

  • Since the latest version of Google Reader, James Corbett no longer uses Feeddemon. I remain attracted to the idea of offline feed reading, but I must admit that one of the reasons I’ve fallen behind is that it’s often less attractive to open another application to read my feeds.
  • Plans are underway for the “Paddy’s Valley” blog-inspired Irish entrepreneurs tour of Silicon Valley in December.
  • It might be a good idea to hold Podcamp Ireland on the same weekend as the Podcast Expo in California. Discuss!
  • The social network of choice for many Tipperary Institute students is Flickr.
  • The informal coffee morning in Limerick’s Clarion Hotel has already spawned a joint venture development project between 3 of the companies involved.

Bernie Goldbach has a detailed report.

Digiculture #1: The Singing Entrepreneur

May 8, 2007

Open Coffee Limerick is proving to be the most extraordinarily meeting ground for people in Ireland’s Mid West. The idea is that people involved or interested in entrepreneurship and startups can get together informally to network, and as James has pointed out, there appears to be a lot of potential synergy among the regular participants.

Nyle WolfeLast Thursday’s meeting threw up an unexpected delight in the person of Nyle Wolfe. Nyle is a classically trained singer, going it alone with a solo album and a concert tour of Ireland. He’s identified his market niche and adapted a strategy to address it. He’s learning new skills and collaborating with talented people on a new venture. Sounds like an entrepreneur to me! 🙂

In this podcast (19MB, 20:42), you can hear Nyle in conversation with me, Bernie and others in the lobby of Limerick’s wifi-friendly meeting space: The Clarion Hotel. Hear a track from his album, Moodswings, and find out about the Moodswings Tour which concludes this month. (You can also hear part of this interview, and more of Nyle’s music in this podcast by Bernie.)

This podcast is also the start of a new series for me. While I plan to re-launch An tImeall in a few weeks time, and I’m busy producing podcasts for clients, I’d never actually gotten around to formally organising my own English language podcasts – until now. I’ll get a site and a feed up for these shortly but, for now, here’s Digiculture Episode #1, with thanks to my favourite band of the moment, Black Lab, for the podsafe signature tune (Remember – Sir Alex Kemp Mix).

Nyle Wolfe and Conn O Muineachain at Limerick Open Coffee (Picture by Bernie Goldbach)

Shout out to the other coffee-drinkers I met on Thursday: Patrick Liddy from Activation Energy, Shane McAllister from Magnetic Time, Bernie Goldbach from TippInst and, Wannita Phanchana from TouristR, and John Kennedy.

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