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Video Imeall

July 26, 2007

Nothing to see here – just a webcam-view of an audio podcast being recorded (and it’s in Irish as well) – but it’s an indication of the direction in which I’m moving.

I’ve posted this already on An tImeall and in Facebook as well.


Emotional Intelligence in Application

June 17, 2007

Last Monday’s Irish Times caught my eye with the words “New Business Magazine” on the cover, and I bought my first copy in months.  Next morning, on a train trip to Dublin, I got around to reading it, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it felt a lot like reading some of my favourite Web 2.0 blogs.  The magazine is called Innovation and it’s heavy on technology, startups, research and, of course, innovation; and I’ll definitely be looking out for it in future.  (Wonder if I can get it with RSS?!)

One of the most interesting things from my point of view however was an interview with Emotional Intelligence evangelist Daniel Goleman, who recently conducted a seminar in Dublin.  Interesting, because I had just that morning completed pre-production on a new series of podcasts with my client Michael Byrne on that same subject: Emotional Intelligence.


Irish Business Women Rock!

May 23, 2007

I’m still recovering from doing two conferences and driving 500 miles last Thursday and Friday.  It was great to catch up with Michele, Brian and Jason at the Irish Internet Association Annual Congress, and I also met Richard Delevan, Richard Hearne and David Behan, to mention just a few.

After a heroic editing marathon, Brian has just published the entire suite of podcasts from Thursday’s conference.  If you weren’t there (or if you spent the day networking in the corridors), you can now take in the presentations and discussions at your leisure.  Well done Brian – and well done Microsoft Ireland for recognising the sponsorship value of these podcasts.  They’ll continue to resonate on the internet for months to come.

Terry ProneOnce I dragged myself away from the IIA, I had a late night drive to Mayo, where I was the podcaster-in-residence at the conference.  Unlike Brian however, I’ll be spreading the post-production of these over a couple of weeks.  The first one is published today (24MB, 41:14, MP3), and features valuable advice on communications by one of Ireland’s most respected practitioners: Terry Prone of Carr Communications.  Terry’s message is wonderfully clear: Listen.  Keep it simple.  Don’t use tricks or gimmicks.  Be interesting, understandable and memorable.


The Importance of Working with People who Share your Vision

May 16, 2007

Aldagh McDonogh of Alternatives MarketingAldagh McDonogh and Sandra Lawler had an idea for a business.  With a background in marketing for large corporations, they took the plunge and started out working from home.

Seven years later, Alternatives Marketing is a highly successful business.  It’s an agency for matching marketing talent with specific contracts on a range of projects.  Their success has been recognised in recent months by their placement as finalists in the 2006 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and most recently they won the Image Magazine/ Sunday Times Entrepreneur of the Year 2007.

In this podcast (17MB, 30:04, MP3) Aldagh outlines their journey so far.  She talks about the importance of having a clear vision, understood by all involved, and of keeping the goals in sight.  She discusses the advantages of organic growth for retaining control.  And she looks forward to this Friday’s Irish Business Women’s conference in Westport, Co. Mayo.

There are still some places available for the Irish Business Women’s conference.  It’s a one day event with a networking social occasion the night before.  To register, visit

Edgecast Media Ltd are sponsors and official podcasters for this event. launch new podcast ahead of annual conference

May 11, 2007

IrishBusinessWomen.comEdgecast Media is delighted to announce sponsorship of‘s 2nd annual conference which will be held on Friday next, 18th of May in Westport, County Mayo. is an online forum which does exactly what it says on the tin.  It’s full of women, doing business, and sharing their experience of that with each other.  Men are welcome too and, after lurking for a month, I posted my introduction there last night.

I am highly impressed with the quality of support and experience which is shared freely in this forum. As a newly-professed entrepreneur, I am fascinated by the stories of others who are walking the the same path.

Edgecast Media are the official podcasters for next week’s conference.  In addition to podcasting the main sessions on the day, we are also producing a number of pre-conference podcasts, the first of which is published today (15MB, 25:55, MP3).  It’s an interview with marketing consultant and IBW co-founder Finola Howard.  As I said on the forum:

One of the advantages of my business is being privileged to record people’s stories and bring them to a wider audience. That’s my role at this year’s IBW Conference. Events such as this can be hugely beneficial, but not everyone can always be at every conference. Sometimes you find out after the fact that a particular conference had something special of value to you. And sometimes, even if you were there in person, it can be worth hearing a particular presentation or discussion again.

Check out the podcast at or subscribe to the feed for future episodes:

Digiculture #1: The Singing Entrepreneur

May 8, 2007

Open Coffee Limerick is proving to be the most extraordinarily meeting ground for people in Ireland’s Mid West. The idea is that people involved or interested in entrepreneurship and startups can get together informally to network, and as James has pointed out, there appears to be a lot of potential synergy among the regular participants.

Nyle WolfeLast Thursday’s meeting threw up an unexpected delight in the person of Nyle Wolfe. Nyle is a classically trained singer, going it alone with a solo album and a concert tour of Ireland. He’s identified his market niche and adapted a strategy to address it. He’s learning new skills and collaborating with talented people on a new venture. Sounds like an entrepreneur to me! 🙂

In this podcast (19MB, 20:42), you can hear Nyle in conversation with me, Bernie and others in the lobby of Limerick’s wifi-friendly meeting space: The Clarion Hotel. Hear a track from his album, Moodswings, and find out about the Moodswings Tour which concludes this month. (You can also hear part of this interview, and more of Nyle’s music in this podcast by Bernie.)

This podcast is also the start of a new series for me. While I plan to re-launch An tImeall in a few weeks time, and I’m busy producing podcasts for clients, I’d never actually gotten around to formally organising my own English language podcasts – until now. I’ll get a site and a feed up for these shortly but, for now, here’s Digiculture Episode #1, with thanks to my favourite band of the moment, Black Lab, for the podsafe signature tune (Remember – Sir Alex Kemp Mix).

Nyle Wolfe and Conn O Muineachain at Limerick Open Coffee (Picture by Bernie Goldbach)

Shout out to the other coffee-drinkers I met on Thursday: Patrick Liddy from Activation Energy, Shane McAllister from Magnetic Time, Bernie Goldbach from TippInst and, Wannita Phanchana from TouristR, and John Kennedy.

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What’s on my MP3 Phone?

August 5, 2006

Listening to Podcasts on a Mobile PhoneTroy needs an iPod?  No he doesn’t.  I don’t!

Silly boy Troy!  What he needs is a smartphone, camera, media player – one device, carry it everywhere.

Click on the picture for a Flickr post describing my podcast listening kit, using my Nokia 6680 and a couple of attachments.

Yesterday, in my column for Lá, I listed the 15 podcasts currently playing on my phone. It’s not necessarily my top 15, or even any particular recommendation – just a random cross-section. 15 podcasts I downloaded from my subscriptions on Monday night – published sometime between Saturday 29th and Monday 31st July.

Well OK, I do recommend one, unreservedly.  PW Fenton’s Digital Flotsam is in a class of it’s own.  But the point I wanted to show is the sheer variety of subject, quality and style of podcasts.  That, and the fact that you can bring them anywhere.  These aren’t 15 podcasts you should have on your phone (or iPod – if you must 😉 ) – just 15 you could have!

Check out the list at An tImeall.  You don’t need to understand Irish.  (Ask Bernie!) URLs are linked to each podcast home page, along with a reference to the number and filesize of the episodes I listened to.