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Emotional Intelligence in Application

June 17, 2007

Last Monday’s Irish Times caught my eye with the words “New Business Magazine” on the cover, and I bought my first copy in months.  Next morning, on a train trip to Dublin, I got around to reading it, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it felt a lot like reading some of my favourite Web 2.0 blogs.  The magazine is called Innovation and it’s heavy on technology, startups, research and, of course, innovation; and I’ll definitely be looking out for it in future.  (Wonder if I can get it with RSS?!)

One of the most interesting things from my point of view however was an interview with Emotional Intelligence evangelist Daniel Goleman, who recently conducted a seminar in Dublin.  Interesting, because I had just that morning completed pre-production on a new series of podcasts with my client Michael Byrne on that same subject: Emotional Intelligence.


QBC Podcasts Score in iTunes

May 22, 2007

Business coach and podcaster, Michael Byrne, is the latest new entry in iTunes Ireland’s podcasting chart.  Listeners can choose either of two podcast feeds: The Customer Experience or Employee Engagement.  There’s also a combined feed for those who want to hear all QBC podcasts in both series.  That’s currently at number 25 in the Business Podcast chart.

Michael is working on a number of new episodes which will talk about both subjects in the context of Emotional Intelligence.  The first of these will be released in two week’s time.

QBC Podcasts are produced by Edgecast Media.

QBC Launch new Website and Podcasts

May 4, 2007

QBC LtdWe’ve been working closely with QBC Ltd, the executive coaching firm run by Michael Byrne, to integrate podcasting and blogging into the delivery of the Customer Experience and Employee Engagement programmes they provide.

Michael’s taken podcasting to the heart of his operation and he eats his own dogfood.  There’s no point in recommending podcasting and blogging to clients if we don’t practice what we preach.

We commisioned Doop Design to rebuild QBC’s website on WordPress, with blogging and podcasting at it’s core.  The site went live this week, and it features the three podcasts Michael and I have recorded to date, along with a fourth, just published, on the topic of Employee Engagement.  (Download: 23 MB, 28:03)

Michael and I are also working on other blogs and podcasts, including a re-launch of this site.  Stay tuned subscribed!

Corporate Podcasting Summit Europe, Day 2 – The Authentic Human Voice

March 22, 2007

Click here to download and play MP3

KensingtonWhat happens when two Irishmen find themselves in a London High Street with a couple of hours to spare?  They get carried away shopping and end up missing the last flight home.

We rejoin our heroes early the next morning, clutching cups of “warm brown slurry”, and leaving absolutely nothing to chance as they stand waiting for Ryanair flight 103 to board …

This podcast (21:52, 20MB) includes reference to sessions from Day 2 of Corporate Podcasting Summit Europe, including presentations by Wells Park Communications and Yada-Yada, while Michael gives his view of the heated discussion involving Podshow UK and some members of the audience during a panel on podcast sponsorship.

(I’m disappointed that I missed that session, especially when I see Leesa Barnes describe it as a “fight scene“!  Jason Van Orden thinks it was a “missed opportunity” for Podshow.)

Corporate Podcasting Summit Europe, Day 1 – A New Excitement

March 20, 2007

Click here to download and play MP3

In this podcast (15MB, 23:24) Michael Byrne and I discuss our experience of Day 1 of the European Corporate Podcasting Summit in London.

Michael Byrne on The Customer Experience

February 22, 2007

Click here to download and play podcast MP3. 

I mentioned previously that I would ask Michael Byrne of QBC Ltd to provide more details, in a guest post on this site, about the podcast-enhanced Customer Experience training programme which we are collaborating to provide.

Of course, we soon realised that what we really needed to explain ourselves was a podcast!

Here it is: 36MB, 45:31, MP3.

  • Michael explains what he means by Customer Experience, and describes the services he provides to companies in order to better understand and serve their customers.
  • How he uses blogging and podcasting to improve the effectiveness of traditional training and coaching.
  • What happens when a company uses podcasting to capture and share experience throughout the organisation?
  • Michael describes the feedback from the first company to participate in this programme.  We’ve provided an extranet website which their mobile salesforce access using a username and password.  Three podcasts a week are published to the site, and the main points are summarised and discussed on the blog.  The podcasts are listened to on PCs, on mobile MP3 players, on mobile phones, while driving …
  • How “Cluetrain” is this?
  • The importance of Recognition in the workforce and the value of podcasting as a means to deliver Recognition.
  • This conversation is an ongoing one.  The next opportunity for discussion is at the “Podcasting For Your Business” seminar organised by IT@Cork next Tuesday.  I’ll be speaking there, together with Brian Greene of Doop Design.  Brian has also been involved in this project as Doop were engaged to build the extranet site.  Michael plans to attend the Cork event as well.

This was one of the most relaxed and enjoyable podcasts I’ve ever participated in.  I hope to extend the idea to a series of conversations with Michael on related ideas.  Watch this space!

On a personal note, after 18 months and more than 230 podcasts, this is my first in the English language!

There’s only one thing better than finding something you are passionate about, and that is: meeting someone with a passion that complements yours.

Edgecast Media partners with QBC for Customer Experience podcast

February 6, 2007

On the phone, the client sounds excited: “I only got about 30% of the conversation when I took part in it.  Now I’m hearing the rest of it!”

She is reacting after hearing her own voice and those of her colleagues on their first podcast, recorded on a conference call yesterday, and published this morning on an internal company blog.

It’s an exciting step for them – and I’m excited too, to see another application of podcasting in action.

I’m especially excited to finally get the opportunity to work with Michael Byrne of QBC.  Michael and I have been talking about podcasting for well over a year now, and his business insights have changed the way I think.  In particular, he has strong ideas about podcasting as a tool in coaching and personal development.

Michael’s started a proto-blog at his own website, and I’m going to help him set up a more full-featured version with permalinks and comments.  In the meantime I’ll be inviting him to guest-blog here, on the subject of podcasting and the Customer Experience.
I have a special focus on Podcasting for Business this month.  On 27th February, I’ll be speaking at a seminar organised by it@cork on the subject, along with Brian Greene and Tom Raftery.  I’d love to hear your thoughts about it.  Leave a comment or send me a mail.  Thanks!