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Corporate Podcasting Summit Europe, Day 2 – The Authentic Human Voice

March 22, 2007

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KensingtonWhat happens when two Irishmen find themselves in a London High Street with a couple of hours to spare?  They get carried away shopping and end up missing the last flight home.

We rejoin our heroes early the next morning, clutching cups of “warm brown slurry”, and leaving absolutely nothing to chance as they stand waiting for Ryanair flight 103 to board …

This podcast (21:52, 20MB) includes reference to sessions from Day 2 of Corporate Podcasting Summit Europe, including presentations by Wells Park Communications and Yada-Yada, while Michael gives his view of the heated discussion involving Podshow UK and some members of the audience during a panel on podcast sponsorship.

(I’m disappointed that I missed that session, especially when I see Leesa Barnes describe it as a “fight scene“!  Jason Van Orden thinks it was a “missed opportunity” for Podshow.)